Ewenny Garden Rooms

Insurance Backed Guarantee

At Ewenny Garden Rooms we are signed up to Home Improvement Protection. Home Improvement Protection have been providing Insurance Backed Guarantees for many years. Over the years the HIP Guarantee has been the badge of honour for tradespeople. Whilst discerning householders, eager to safeguard their investments have sought its reassuring protection.

Against the backdrop of recent economic uncertainties hitting many businesses, the law caught up. New ruling introduced in June 2014, means that all installers and home improvement contractors now have to offer an Insurance Backed Guarantee with every job they do.

Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, Home Improvement Protection’s guarantees provide the best levels of insurance-backed warranty with:

Cover up to 10 years
No hassle of renewing, it’s continuous cover
It’s also fully transferable to the new home owner
(subject to the T&C’s of the original installers guarantees)
Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

While there are many providers offering Insurance Backed Guarantees, not all are specialists in that area. And a closer inspection of their small print may reveal hidden clauses or jargon that might at least confuse or at worst not properly protect you, the customer.