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Frequently asked questions – Ewenny Garden Rooms, South Wales, UK

At Ewenny Garden Rooms we believe in keeping things simple. We’ve compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about our garden rooms. There is no question too big or small, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us for a truly bespoke experience.


Yes, they are warm enough to use throughout the year as they are all well insulated and come with a free standing oil filled radiator as standard.

All our garden rooms are built with all year use in mind. We fully insulate the floor, ceiling and walls to the same standard as a new build house or extension. This provides the optimum thermal barrier required to keep the garden room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Yes we can, but we need to remember height restrictions. Your new garden room must not exceed 2.5m in height for planning permissions as we look to maximise internal height.

Yes, we can provide you with a toilet/kitchen. Please enquire for more details.

Yes, we can install partition walls in any of our larger sized garden rooms. Please enquire for more details.

Underfloor heating can be installed as an optional extra, however the heat retention properties of the floor in all of our garden rooms are so efficient, that it is not essential.

Customers have previously fitted wood burners into their new garden rooms, however it is not something that we recommend. We are unable to fit or prepare for fitting of a wood burner.

Our garden rooms are not designed to be lived in as they do not comply to building regulations.

The building will not need painting or staining, however if you would like to change the colour, you can paint or stain your garden room with a water based substance without damaging the protective properties in the wood.

Whilst our garden rooms are temporary structures and are moveable. It is worth considering that the costs to move a building is chargeable to you and can equate to an amount that does not make moving the building viable.

Our garden room structures will need to remain free-standing due to the nature of their construction. However, we can build as close as 400mm to any solid obstacle, such as your house.

We can create a bespoke design for you. Please enquire for more details.

Yes, all of our rooms are made to order and can be made in any size and specification required. Please contact us for more information.

If you are thinking of something a little bigger than average and have the room you can create a garden room with pitched roof of 4mtr at its highest point. This must be at least 2mtr from each boundary.

We are only able to construct buildings that are either square or rectangular within the Ewenny Garden Rooms Range

Currently, we do not fit solar panels to our garden rooms. Customers have previously retro-fitted solar panels to power their garden rooms, so there are external companies out there that may be able to help.Please be aware: Fitting solar panels the roof of your garden room may take your building height over the 2.5m permitted development tolerance to avoid planning permission.

We don’t offer a completely sound proof solution for your garden room. We do, however, offer an acoustic pack which reduces the transfer of sound to approximately -45db – however this is not ‘sound proof’. Although we use industry-leading acoustically laminated glass, this is the least effective component of our acoustic pack. Please bear in mind that the more glass you opt for on your garden room, the lesser the effect the acoustic

Planning permission is not normally required as our buildings fall under permitted development (built under 2.5m high externally). Most houses, even in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), have permitted development rights. Flats and listed buildings have no permitted development rights, so will always need planning permission. Don’t worry though, as planning is a relatively simple process for our garden rooms and we are on-hand to help with this process.

We offer a complete electrical connection from your house to the garden room at an additional cost, which will be confirmed at your design consultation. However, you are more than welcome to use your own preferred electrician for this.