Ewenny Garden Rooms

Bespoke Design Service...You Dream It, We Build It

Outbuildings are a popular home addition that are becoming increasingly common within residential properties. If you’re looking at ways to extend your home, an outbuilding could be an ideal solution. Providing such a vast amount of additional space, you can use our products for a range of different purposes. Whether you need new office space, a cinema room or even extra living space – we can help.

Our Garden Room buildings cater to a broad audience due to their versatility, and they can be customised and tailored for any purpose. We can even install additional windows or doors or even add a toilet and shower to your new garden room.

As a lone-standing product, outbuildings are ideal for anyone looking to not only increase space available at home but also to add privacy. Located in your garden, outbuildings provide the luxury of having your personal space where you can head to whenever needed.

We offer various building finishes and styles to suit every home type. Whether you’re looking for something modern, or a traditional log cabin-like design, we have something for everyone.

With the unpredictable UK weather, it is imperative to customers that their space will last, and is built to withstand the harsh elements. Our materials are all high-quality with immense durability, ensuring quality and longevity of your outbuilding.

Design Inspiration


We offer a service that cannot be beat, we will work with you to give you the garden room you want. Not just a prefabricated box with a fancy name but a truly bespoke garden room that is designed to fit your exact needs. nothing is too much trouble to your dedicated team of builders. Need additional sockets? No problem. Need more lighting? No problem. Need something out of the ordinary? No problem. We can build it all! 

All of Ewenny Garden Rooms come with a 10-Year Structural Guarantee.

Our garden rooms are truly bespoke and are always built from the ground up on site. We do not use prefabricated panels like most of our competitors. This enables us to create a garden room that will fit perfectly in your garden regardless of shape or size. To put it simply, we can build anything for you.

Our garden room buildings are designed to last for over 30 years and come with a 10-year structural guarantee.

Concrete Piles and a concrete pad. Our standard concrete pad is 100mm deep, although we can go deeper for extras such as hot tubs.